What Should A Man Really Be Looking For In A Woman

I understand the frustration of many women because times and the game have definitely changed over the past few years. So today I am going to give the fellas some pointers on what they should be looking for in a woman.

1 – Potential

Yeah I know what most of you are thinking right now. But potential is a key asset to defining a mate. Ask yourself: Would she potentially be a good mother to my children? Are her credentials potentially going to be an asset financially? Will she potentially mature into an older beautiful lady? If the NBA and NFL can draft players based on potential then you should too.

2 – Personality

I know, I know… As soon as you start talking personality then people automatically start to think that you are lowering your standards or she is ugly. The truth of the matter is that her personality will be what you will live with more than anything. If she is aggressive, and that bothers you, its safe to say that arguing will be the demise this relationship. The best relationships are made up of characters that may not be alike but they can work together and make beautiful music. You know like Swiss Beats and Alicia Keys (well maybe that was a bad example).

3 – Physical Attraction

This one is tricky because everyone may be excited by different things. I know many men that go straight to the body when they describe physical attraction. I have a saying that I live by Looks > A$$. I say this because a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman. She can be fat, skinny, old or young and still be beautiful. You can have a woman that gets you excited because her body is banging, but she may look a lot like Sam Cassell in the face. Over time the body starts to fade or change and then you realize that you are dating Sam Cassell and the physical attraction is not there anymore. Be smart in your selection fellas. Also it is a good idea to keep yourself in shape too. Believe me when I tell you that it keeps them interested.

4 – Friendship

A good partner is someone who you can get along with, and they can accept you for who you are. If you are really feeling your mate, you guys can do things together and it may seem like more than just a date. She is someone you can discuss things with and not expect to be judged, but she will also tell you if you are a bathwaterslurper. Friendship is probably the most underrated aspect of a good relationship. Be careful though or you may end up in the friendzone so follow the rules or you will have to Smash the Homies.

5 – Compromise

This one is easier said than done. It is hard to find a person that is willing to do things that they find boring. However some women will do it just because it will make him happy, and she knows if he is happy then things are going to be pretty good. So put her to the test early on. Fellas this works both ways so you have to make sure that the things that she is most interested in are things that you can tolerate. If she is what you think she is then compromise shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Needless to say, there are far more qualities than the ones that are mentioned but these 5 will usually sum up the rest.


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