Do You Ever Get The Feeling She’s Cheating On You… This One’s For The Fellas

Everyone has a friend that makes you cringe when you see him and his significant other together because you and everyone else knows she is cheating on him. I hate seeing a brother get drug through the mud but women of today have mad game as well guys. Oh you thought that you were the only player in town. Paaaaalease… Women have mad game too.

Today I want to focus on helping out all the fellas…. I feel its time for the men to have some feedback this time around! The world would like us to believe that all men are dogs, but I personally don’t agree. There are men out there that are sensitive, compassionate, and loving. Men can get hurt in a relationship just as much as a woman can. Seriously, there are several young men out there who are good at heart and want to do right by a woman.

Let’s take a look at the signs of a cheating woman.

1. Change in physical appearance- Your lady used to dress average on a daily basis, but now shes wearing new dresses, new perfume, and all of a sudden her hair and make-up are flawless! Why the sudden change? She says she just wants to start looking better for you? Hmmm yeah ok!

2. A sudden loss of interest- She used to enjoy going out in public with you and your friends, but now all of a sudden she just wants to stay in the house. Why? Is there something she wants to hide?
3. Strange phone calls- Is your girl starting to get phone calls late at night? Or all of a sudden her phone is on vibrate, and then when she goes to answer it she leaves the room or goes outside to answer the call. *side eye* Why? What’s going on? Could it be her “Boyfriend No. 2”

4. Missed Calls- Every time you go to call her she is suddenly unavailable, and when she calls you back she always has some lame excuse like, “My phone had bad reception so I didn’t get the call” or “I forgot my phone over my girlfriends house” Hmmm yeah ok! *side eye*

5. Secrecy- Does it seem like all of a sudden your girlfriend got a new job working for the F.B.I? When you ask her questions about her day, or what she has planned for the weekend she starts giving you short strange answers. Woman are generally smooth in covering their tracks when it comes to cheating, but if you know your woman well enough you can pick up on her mood changes… you just need to pay attention.

6. Sexual Appetite- Does your girlfriend seem to have a loss of sexual energy? She used to want to have sex all the time, but now she could care less? OR She has the same sexual appetite, but now she is trying new extra freaky tricks in the bedroom that she has never tried before? Hmm.. Could her new man be teaching her something that your not?

7. Spending more time with her girlfriends- Is your partner going over her girlfriend’s house a lot more all of a sudden? Or she has she met some new friends, that she wants to spend her time with? Could it really be a guy? Hmm (Also be aware of the Cover Girl) This is a girlfriend who always seems to come to your partners side to justify her sudden change in Social Networking! *side eye*

8. Increase in Arguments- Is she arguing with you more than usual, and then storming out the house? Are the arguments about small meaningless things that usually didn’t bother her before? Could it be an excuse to leave and spend some more time with her boo? Hmm watch out!

9. Working Late- Is your girlfriend telling you she needs to spend more time at the office? All of a sudden she has projects that require her to stay extra long hours, and maybe even spend the night at a hotel or girlfriends house? Hmm yeah ok!

10. Guilty Conscious- Sudden gifts come out of no where, and for no particular reason. Candle light dinners, or trips out to eat just because. Sometimes she could just want to be nice, but sometimes it could be signs of a guilty conscious!

Yeah I know there are probably more signs but I’ll cut it off here. Fellas keep your guard up and your eyes open. Ladies got game too…. Believe that!!


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