Finding Love Is Really Simpler Than You Think

It’s time for you to get over that past relationship, and get back on the market. The problem is it’s been so long that you don’t know where to start. Well have no fear; here are some steps to get you moving in the right direction or down the path to the right direction but I digress.

The first step of finding a new love is to not look for one, yes I said it “don’t look”! You have the habit of looking for love in all the wrong places anyway. After you get out of an old relationship use the time you have for self reflection. Go out and enjoy life! Start a new hobby, take some walks in the park, maybe adopt a new pet, but don’t go looking for love, instead let it find you.

When you start on your journey towards self reflection you find new and exciting things to do that make you happy. When you are happy and in a state of bliss you will attract other people of like mind towards you. This is one of the first steps in meeting the right one.

After connecting with a new potential love make sure you take the time to build up your friendship, again don’t rush into anything too soon. Love is always worth the wait so you have plenty of time to take the relationship to the next level. In the meantime just enjoy each others company, and start to learn about the person’s likes, and dislikes.

You can share your dreams, ambitions, and fantasies together, you know soap opera style. This builds up a healthy rapport so that you can learn one another on a deeper level plus it worked for Luke and Laura. Save intimacy until you feel it’s the appropriate time for the both of you, remember rushing into something too soon can ruin the connection so again take it slow.

Remember when building a new relationship take heed to not bring up your past partner or past relationship issues. This can hinder or tarnish your future relationship, that’s why self reflection is so important. Make sure that you have cleansed yourself from your past baggage so that when you go into a new connection you are fresh to experience all that love has to offer! Your past is your past, learn from it and move forward! – Jannah B


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