30 For 30 Day 9: Thanks For The Time Spent With My Grandfather

Many times in peoples lives they encounter things that bring adversity and trying moments. My family is no exception. Growing up was tough as a male in a house full of women. Learning to do manly things was going to be trying and often times hard to figure out without a male role model to work around or learn from.

I had uncles who pitched in and from time to time did their part to make me tough and taught me how to do the basics. However being a man requires a lot more than that. Being a man is taking care of your family and making sure they have what they need. Being a man is putting in extra work so that your assets become valuable and your family feels secure. Being a man is exactly what my grandfather was.

The man lived 88 years on Gods green earth and he lived every day like it was important. On Saturday mornings when it got cold it became pretty routine for us to head to the woods and cut down trees and split the wood so that our families would have heat for the winter.

Honestly it was hard work but I didn’t mind because I knew it was for a good cause and I always enjoyed the stories he would tell as we split the wood and loaded up his trailer for a drop. Every weekend we would head to the woods it was an experience in history. Honestly it’s probably why I became a history major in college. I just seemed to be enamored with the lessons he used to drop on me.

When the lord came calling for him a few years ago people were sad but on the inside there was no doubt in my mind that he had gone on to a better place. There is no way God denies a man who gave far more than he took a place inside the pearly gates. Not many people on earth can say they lived that many years and not one person can find a single negative thing to say about you.

That’s what my grandfather was. I miss you and I love you POPS..


One thought on “30 For 30 Day 9: Thanks For The Time Spent With My Grandfather

  1. G-Mill January 5, 2013 / 3:27 pm

    Man thats great. I know he is in Heaven smiling down on you and enjoying your accolades and family. Was close to my Grandad also. He only made it to 69 yrs old.

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