Everybody Has Demons


There are far too many things in life that people take for granted. One of the biggest ideals that people take for granted is peace of mind. People from all different walks have struggles that they can’t get a grasp of and it leads them to places that they never imagined they would go. One of the things I know is that people are always searching for something relevant. I know I do it far too often.

There are times in everyone’s life when they must face their demons head on. I have had a couple of major instances in my life where depression became a reality for me. I don’t want to dwell on what took me there, but I can attest to everyone who is dealing with it that it is indeed very real. You can fake and fool people but happiness is usually accompanied by positive thoughts of self. When heavy disappointment hits, you have to make decisions to change your life and more than anything else, you need to vent and share your feelings with someone who can offer positive thoughts.

Depression sat on me in other ways. I didn’t get to the point of suicidal thoughts, but I did have more feelings of doubt and carelessness than I could ever imagine for myself. I let myself go and I really didn’t care what people thought about me or what I did in life. There are times when we as human beings try to avoid our demons and leave them running free to attack us from all walks of life without any line of defense.

When I hear of people who hurt themselves I can relate because even though I have never gone there, there have been times that I have been reckless enough to do things that could have had the same catastrophic effect on my life.

Failure is always going to be lurking, and how you deal with it will define you as a person. To quote the great Vince Lombardi “There are no shortcuts to success. The individual who tries to find them will often lose his way.” Of course Vince was talking about football but it can be equated in the game of life as well. Everyone is vulnerable to their inner demons, it’s just a matter of exercising them before they get the best of you.


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