Evolving As A Parent And Growing As A Child: One Day At A Time


Today was one of the proudest days I have ever had as a parent. Every week, my daughter and I have a day that we spend at the park. Usually she goes to the park and mills around and doesn’t really get into anything. Remembering that she is only two years old I try to keep her active but everything she does at the park directly relates to me.

Today we started playing and she began as usual with me as the center of her focus. Finally I got her to do some things on her own and then all of a sudden it happened. I was no longer the center of her attention. She started playing with a little boy and girl who were at the park. They didn’t know each others names but they were playing and having a good time.

It’s always a struggle to get my daughter on the slide, or anything at the park but she was non stop at this point. She even got on a slide that was a good fifteen feet off the ground. Without hesitation she just followed the group to the top of the slide and went all in. I just sat in amazement as I can’t normally get her on a slide that is three feet off the ground.

She loves the outdoors as I do and I was happy to see her enjoying the moment. After about fifteen minutes of all out play and excitement she and the little girl separated themselves and began to build a sandcastle. It was by far the worst creation I have ever witnessed but like a proud father I was taking pictures and texting them to everyone.

Needless to say I was a little hurt that I was no longer the center of attention for that moment but I was also relieved as well. It’s good to see your kids spread their wings. Well the parent of the other kids was excited as well. After talking she was happy her kids were branching out too. It’s always good when good people discover each other. Now the kids have a friend and we can plan this thing better.


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