30 For 30 2013: Day 13 – Dealing With Emotion


I have so many people that I encounter every day. You have no idea how many directions I get pulled in and how many ideas that get bounced off me. I have friends who have the world at their disposal and I have friends who need a pick me up from time to time.

Some of the people I encounter need a push. They have some self-esteem issues. Maybe they think they are spinning their wheels in their career. Maybe they think that they are not appreciated. Some of them even feel they have let themselves go. Whatever it is, sometimes people just need to hear positive words and thoughts.

I am guilty of saying flattering things to people. In my classroom all of the ladies are ma’am or sweetheart and all of the fellas are gentlemen and sirs. I treat them all as if they were my sons and daughters to a degree (well that is whenever I learn their name of course). I don’t see anything wrong with that. For some it’s uncomfortable but I like to think that it’s okay to be nice to people from time to time (trust me… I can also throw shade with the best of them too).

In life I meet people who do great things. I tell them that they are good at what they do when they do great things. When they do things that are not so great, I don’t offer much in flattery because sometimes you need motivation to get better. What does that mean you may ask? Well for me it means that if I feel as if a person is underachieving I just ask them why they do what they do. Then I ask them if they believe they are getting the most out of what they do.

Low self-esteem leads to a lot of things. In a family it can be neglect. In a relationship it can cause distance, in a friendship it can cause hate. All of these things trigger depression in an individual or resentment between a bond that could have been avoided.

I am thankful that I possess the gift to pick people up when they are down. I do my best to make them feel wanted and special. Saying kind things and doing kind things isn’t easy for everyone. Take the time to do and say good things to people and trust me they will be better for it. In my eyes that makes you a better person for taking the time to do it.

Plus I have to say nice things since I always have a mean look on my face. It’s all about balance.


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