30 For 30 2013: Day 19 – Patience


Most of the people who know me know I am a pretty easy going person. Most of you can’t even say that you have ever seen me argue (unless of course you have seen me coach but that’s a whole different ball game and persona). I’m pretty relaxed most days in life. I am a go with the flow type individual. If you want to do something, just let me know and I am down most of the time.

In my professions, I have found that patience is the way to go if you want to maintain peace of mind. You can’t let little things get you wound up and you have to be willing to wait for good things and good moments to celebrate. I’m that dude that can wait for things to develop.

I don’t have a lot of expectations in life so it’s pretty easy for me.

I’m sitting here waiting for a few things patiently:

1. Dr. Dre to drop Detox. I know it’s been in the works for over 12 years but its coming. Be patient.

2. Obama to get the healthcare website fixed.. It’s sure to happen soon.

3. The Cowboys to win another Super Bowl.

4. Bacon to be declared it’s own food group. It should. It’s so delicious.

5. Make more money than I spend… That may never happen tho!!!!


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