30 For 30 2013: Day 20 – Recognizing Shade


I know you are scratching your head at this one. Shade!?!? What the what? Well shade is a good and bad thing. When it’s hot, nothing cools you off better than shade when you can’t get inside to air conditioning or a nice fan. However there is more to shade than meets the eye.

Shade comes in various forms. There is the physical form (from a building, a tree, or a tall structure). Then there is the lyrical form (slander, sly remarks, and quick responses). Finally there is the persona of shade (the person who you can’t trust in any circumstances).

I am only versed in the physical. I love shaded areas. They keep me so cool. On the other hand I have these friends who have mastered the second form. The lyrical form of shade. “No Shade, But Shade” is their forte. All they do is slander folks from one area to the next.They can throw shade from any direction at the drop of a dime. I almost believe they walk around with palm trees in their back pockets these days. You have to watch people like this.


The latter of the three forms is the person you might not want to associate with. You might ask yourself why a person like me would associate with such “SHADY” people. Well the answer is simple they are always good for a laugh if you know that they are SHADY in the first place.

I’m just thankful I can recognize SHADE from far away.


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