Detective Dating


There’s an old saying that says if you look hard enough for anything, you will find it. What exactly does that mean? Men and women alike spend a lot of time stalking what their mate is doing. They watch every aspect of what they are doing from social media to interactions with friends.

If the person you’re in a relationship with feels the need to analyze and critique everything you do, then it’s only a matter of time before they find something, true or not, to bring drama into the relationship.  Modern relationships are based on the notion that your significant other is always up to something no good.  I’ve had women judge me over being a Gemini which is very confusing to me. How in the hell does my zodiac sign reflect who I am?

This notion doesn’t quite resonate with me because my sister is a Gemini and we are nothing alike. People today spend so much time looking for something to go wrong, they can’t enjoy the process of the relationship.  They miss out on all the good because they are looking for the bad.

I’m not the jealous type but I too fell victim to this stigma. I was out with a young lady that I was feeling. I had her ipad and was watching some Netflix. 99.9% of the time I never go in and snoop when I could do it at ease. This time I went in and the first thing that caught my eye was the number of men she was facetiming.  Then I scrolled to the photos and saw the screenshots of these men while she was talking to them.

You’re probably thinking that’s why you should do it, but the reality could be that it was innocent. I didn’t ask, I just assumed the worst.  It’s happened to me as well as a woman I was dating at the time made her way through social media pages and assumed I was doing something that I wasn’t.

That being said, I’ve learned that I don’t have to play detective because what’s said and done in the dark will always come to the light.


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