Finding Rain When Your Luck Is Down

losing streak

Many times we go long periods without water or rain and the world suffers for it. Sometimes in life we go without things that we feel we need but it seems that no one cares that those things aren’t present in their lives until they are gone. Once something is gone, you miss it as if a piece of you is missing.

Periods of droughts can have significant environmental, agricultural, health, economic and social consequences. The effect varies according to vulnerability. For example, subsistence farmers are more likely to migrate during drought because they do not have alternative food sources. Areas with populations that depend on as a major food source are more vulnerable to drought-triggered famine.

The same circumstances can have extreme effects on individuals. When a person is dieting or when something that characteristically is a part of their daily routine goes away they become more vulnerable.  In most cases you can attribute it to a losing streak. Most of us are winners at something and when the winning goes away you have to find a way to get back on track.

Try going for weeks or even months being successful at something. Try anything; it can be simple from sleeping with a particular blanket, losing a friend, gambling, eating a particular food, or sampling the morning dew.

I guarantee you it will leave you changed, weathered, and without taking alternative measures you will eventually erode unless change occurs. As in nature you can’t avoid a drought but keeping a reserve may help you weather the circumstances of a drought when it occurs.

Nevertheless, every drought must end and if you aren’t to damaged at the end of the day, you will recover and start your growth again.


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