Friends With Benefits


Life brings an array of circumstances that the average person is not adequately equipped to deal with. Some of us are so emotionally attached that we often forget that people can just want something from you with out actually wanting you. It’s hard for the human psyche to correlate but as of late, people are becoming clearer in what they want or expect from the people around them.

A few days ago there was a topic tending on twitter. Not that it’s anything new because most topics on twitter are guaranteed to be discussed at least once a week, but the circle of people discussing it may change. The topic was centered around the notion that women can be savages too. If you aren’t familiar with the term savage let me help you understand. A savage is a beast that usually goes after what they want. They have no regard or disdain for people’s feelings as they pursue what they want. A savage will take a good situation and wreck it because they only care about one thing, feeding the beast.

The topic evolved as women were professing that they would prefer in some instances that men just come by, have sex, and then go home. No cuddling, no emotion, no love, nothing even remotely reflecting it being a relationship. Men on twitter were amazed that these women existed. Of course some of the women were exaggerating circumstances but for the most part I believed what was being discussed.

Most men feel like they have to show emotion or reflect emotion in order to connect, when most of them would prefer to kick the woman out of the bed immediately after sex. A lot of men make the mistake of catering to a role that they aren’t ready for in order to get what they want. In reality they should just put it out there that they just want to smash.

There are women out there who don’t mind just kicking it as friends and having the occasional oil change that is necessary for survival. You have to be clear with what you want, and who you are, before you can enter this state. If you’re possessive, it’s not going to work for you. If you’re the type that has to know everything going on with him or her, it won’t work for you either. You have to have the ability to detach yourself emotionally and physically when you’re not in rotation. Ask yourself if you see them with another person how it will affect you.

Quite frankly the surprise that men had about women like this is baffling. I’ve seen it numerous time in my life and in all cases it was open and upfront. There are cases that go a little further than they probably should and it results in a dastardly reconciliation or a mutual aggregate hookup that no one saw coming.

When one or both of them catch feelings or gets emotionally attached to the other the dynamics force a separation or they concede to the mutual attraction and work on something greater.

What we found out is that the human psyche or even the human element alone creates and attachment after an extended period of time together so it may be inevitable that you catch feelings if that person remains in rotation for too long. So if you have a friend with benefits make good use of it. Don’t get caught up in the hype and check those feelings in at the door. Don’t make her wish she would have just kept you in the friendzone….


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