Finding Yourself Through Words


A lot of people often ask me why I write. Honestly I have always been into reading and writing, I just never really shared anything with other people. Most of my life I’ve kept most of my writing to myself. I never even thought of letting anyone read anything until one day my good friend Corey took a look at some of the stuff I was spitting out. So every week they would ask to see what I had done. This went on for a while. I wrote for my friends for a couple of years to try and capture the essence of a variety of topics.

The writing was usually full of humor and metaphors and they seemed to like it and started sharing it so the inner circle got bigger and bigger. After more people started taking notice I began to contribute too many websites expressing my views, but I never in a million years thought I would take on a site of my own and try and make it a site of the people. My People!

It all started as a few of my friends and I was sitting at Champs Sports Bar watching the NCAA tournament like we do every year. By the way shout out to the staff at Champs you guys are the best.  Everyone kept asking me what I thought about the games and players and I kept answering questions to the best of my ability. One of the young ladies then stated: “You can help everyone with sports, but you can’t help me with my problems.” I was pretty sure I could help her but I left it at that. Then my boy Eric said: “Man I can’t believe you are gone let her chump you like that when everyone knows you are the master of relationship advice.”  Not that I am a guru at relationships or sports but I generally make sense when asked about either of the two.

So I proceed to try and enjoy the game like everyone else in the bar and the young lady turns to me and hits me with her first question. “How Do I Keep My Relationship Spicy When We Both Work All The Time?” I just sat there and then I asked her to give me about 15 minutes and I would have her answer. She laughed and said “15 minutes, you are really confused.” So I pulled out my laptop that I always carry to the sports bar just in case some betting goes down and I started pounding the keys. Everyone is looking on as it took me about twenty minutes to put together what I thought was a pretty good attempt at answering her question.

Needless to say everyone was satisfied. She said you should have your own website. I was thinking that I could probably do something simple and be satisfied so like most people I got a blogger account and started working. Then I realized something, I wanted to talk about many different things, not just relationships. So I started talking sports. That’s when it hit me; it’s time that I did something that not many people were doing, talk sports and relationships. Give the people what they want and satisfy your needs too. So the people came together and purchased the hosting site, the url, and Bull City State of Mind was born.

We have built our brand. We moved from general news to writing with a purpose. Everyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about certain things so eventually the website was going to expand even more. We added the free flow section that handles music reviews. We don’t do mainstream music, we explore the underground, where the real movement in music really takes place. See the underground mixtape world isn’t about money, its about the music. Big ups to my man 40_Below who took that section to another level.

The site grew so fast that we had to split things up a little. We took Ask Bull City and made this site. We took the free flow section and created Soulful Interlude.


Now I write for different reasons. My daughter loves to read. Someday I hope that she will be able to follow in my footsteps and write for a purpose. Possibly even for a living.

I am thankful for all of the people that inspire my writing. You guys are the best.


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