Standards and Status Quo


Sustaining a relationship is tough. It’s much harder than getting into one and definitely harder than ending one as well. Expectations and intricacies make it hard for anyone to keep a person that you love happy. In an age of social media and the exuberance of millennials people want more and more of you. They want to over exemplify the importance of you because the more they can post you, the more they can embellish the fact that they have something or someone in their life. As I have often discussed the logistics of a quality relationship should remain separate from the broadcast world but you should and can acknowledge that you have someone important in your life.

I had a discussion the other day with a woman my age and she was perplexed at the amount of information that people volunteer about their lives and relationships. She elaborated on the Facebook status or the Twitter feed as the launchpad for people and their problems especially in relationships. Broadcasting your life comes with consequences and repercussions.  Sure it’s great when things are good but as soon as you start it, you have to keep doing it because if it slows down people will think that there is something wrong in your utopia. Also, when people start to inquire about something that you put on display you felt as if someone came for you or you say things that you can’t take back and ruin your chances for reconciliation.

Some people are personal private. What does that mean? That means they like to keep their private life private. Some people don’t put their trophies on display because they don’t feel like they have too. I’ve won MVP’s and played sports on the highest level possible, but I don’t throw it in peoples faces, I just let them figure it out for themselves. To me it’s better that way. I’ve probably won over 300 trophies, medals, or rings in my life and I don’t even have them out in my residence. I have a national championship ring and several state and conference championship rings and I don’t wear any of them. They are in my closet in a box taking up space.

The best business takes place when nobody is involved but the people making the deal. Millennials don’t really understand that. They enjoy the idea of everyone partaking in their endeavors.  They fell the need to broadcast every detail of everything they do and every trip they take. I’ve seen the entire globe, but you can’t hardly find any evidence of it because I don’t put it on display. I might give you an occasional glimpse but for the most part, I keep it on my level and in my phone gallery. I have memories in my phone of me and my lady. From the first real date, to the first time experiences. That’s the thing… They are for me. They aren’t for everyone else. Even when it comes to my daughter, I only give people glimpses of her. Never great detail. I don’t want her to think she has to be overexposed.

Maybe I’m a dinosaur in a neolithic age. Maybe times have changed and I need to step in to the new millennium. Maybe, just maybe I should step into their world a bit so I can understand it better. The chances of that happening are zero because I like to keep people guessing. If you want to know, ask. If you have to ask, that means you care. If you care, I’d like to know why.



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