It Takes Someone Strong To Make Someone Strong


When I think about my role as a father it’s been a rocky road. Finding time for my daughter and balancing a few jobs usually means weekends and several days without seeing the one person on this planet that I love more than life itself. It doesn’t happen every week but when it does, I long to get back to her because I understand my significance in her development into a young lady and a productive member of society.

When we get to spend time together I try to reinforce great qualities in her. I teach her to finish what she starts. I teach her to never give up on things just because she doesn’t understand them. I also teach her that just because things don’t go her way immediately doesn’t mean that they won’t turn around for her if she persists.

Expectations on my daughter are pretty high.

It’s funny because she didn’t ask for it. Everyone expects my daughter to be good at sports because both of her parents were college athletes. If she never wants to pursue anything athletic, that would be perfectly fine with me, however if she does, I will teach her the importance of being a part of a team and working hard to be the best at your craft.

Some of the greatest attributes of great people start with the people who were the greatest influence on their lives. Whether it’s learned from a parent, grandparent, distant relative, or a teacher, learning to be strong and consistent will go a long way in life.

When moments get tough, we go back to things that helped us get through tough times so me being strong for her will help her understand how to wade her way through tough moments. I think of how my mother had to make ends meet when I was a child and now when I get in a financial crunch it doesn’t bother me because I know I am ready for any situation because I’ve already seen how things can be done to resolve the situation.

Not cracking under pressure is key. Handling situations that are tough with resolve separates the average from the achiever. Worrying about things only compounds the problem and if you’re afraid to take steps in a positive direction, you will never be able to achieve absolute greatness.

One of my biggest fears is drowning. I can swim a little but I am not a fish. My daughter is a lot like me in the fact that she will jump off a house and let me catch her but she won’t get into water that is higher than she is tall. This summer we will conquer this together as she will get swimming lessons and I will give in to my fears of swimming in water that is deeper than my height as well. I’ve had opportunities to do it in my life and every time I took the easy way out of it. That shall no longer be the case. Next time I take a trip somewhere my fears will not be the cause of me not having the penultimate time. I’m going to be strong so she will see what it takes to be stronger.



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