Leveraging Expectations


People often give you more than you want when you least expect it. However when you want more from them they give you very little. It’s interesting how the human psyche will make you take your game up an notch when you feel as if you need to but you rarely go as hard as you should when you don’t necessarily have too.

Where does the problem lie tho? Sometimes we expect far too much from people because we have our own ideas of what life should be. Experience teaches us that we have to keep our expectations in check because sometimes we pursue the unimaginable in an effort to get what we want when we want it.

Disappointment will humble you but also make you think differently about a person because they failed to meet your expectations a time or two. Very rarely do we think about the number of times they actually met your expectations and sometimes exceeded them. Frustrations will make people hold ill will and sometimes create a hostile environment that can be perceived as stubbornness or self-absorbed when in fact it’s perfectly okay to hold people to higher standards.

High expectations in every situation will have you severely frustrated. Fathers, mothers, friends, and confidants will all disappoint you a time or two. Nobody can give you what you want all the time. It’s humanly impossible. Life happens. Your disappointment may be a result of what you wanted, but have you ever stopped to think about what they were going through and how it might have affected them because they couldn’t give you what they wanted to give you or do what they wanted to do for you.

Learning to leverage your expectations doesn’t mean you are giving up on the person, it just means that you are keeping your life in perspective. One has to temper, their ways from time to time to allow the means to justify the end. Temperance is the virtue that perfects mans ability to act well within ones self. Every action requires some form of temperance. If you can’t temper or leverage your expectations, life is going to leave you with more disappointment than you are ready to handle and you’re likely to miss all of the good things that happened in it because you will dwell on the things that left you frustrated.


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