The Dream That Didn’t Happen The Way It Should Have


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People in American society have come a long way on the surface.  Politically we are more divided than ever and overt racism is more apparent than it’s been in years. What happened to make the divide greater throughout the years?

Before you start with “you’ve got a black president and there’s only a few racist people out there”, let me jump in and say hold up one minute. I’ll acknowledge that statement and say it’s progress but having a standing position of power doesn’t make things different. In fact lets carry it one step further. African-Americans aged 35 – 55 are the DREAM SEEDS of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. When using the term DREAM SEEDS you have to acknowledge the I Have A Dream Message that Dr. King planted. Those seeds were planted by Dr. King and made a reality once America got its first black president, lawyers, CEO’s, doctors, entrepreneurs, and established practitioners.

If they are holding so many positions of power, where is the disconnect? The problem is that the DREAM SEEDS didn’t hold up to their end of the bargain. Because they “made it” they forgot to incorporate the necessary components of historical analysis and started accepting the status quo because people tolerated them and their actions. Leadership is more than just a title it’s taking people in the correct direction. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were both self-proclaimed leaders, but what did they really contribute to black America? Instead they left us in more disarray and never really standing up when laws were being passed taking away our liberties. You could even argue that both were poor organizational leaders who were more about themselves than the real cause.

We allowed ourselves to be corrupted over money. Sadly leaders like Kwame Kilpatrick cared more about their own wealth and advancement than the people in their communities.  It may take Detroit years to recover from his antics during his time as mayor. We can’t just blame leaders as a whole. As mentioned earlier, we sold those drugs in our community. We contributed to the highest teen pregnancy rate in the history of our country. We started shooting and killing each other and creating perception that our lives “don’t matter.” Since we failed to act, people like George Zimmerman and the police departments in New York and Ferguson get passes for killing “the savages” in plain sight.

Now that it’s the next generations problem we just hold our hands up and heads down in disgust when we were in fact the problem. Yeah it would be easy to say black men didn’t go to XYZ and bring them drugs to America. No they didn’t but they also didn’t have to take them and bring them into the black community either.

Failure to organize properly may have cost us a generation of great leaders. Today one could argue that millennials are more organized than the DREAM SEEDS. In fact the DREAM SEEDS should be the one’s funding the cause for the new generation but they are more of the problem, than the solution. Desegregation made everyone think that the playing field would be equal. Ironically we continue to sit on the sidelines waiting for it to become reality while learning the hard way that only a select few will be chosen and manage to leverage access to the fruits of normalcy in America.

Younger generations are militant. In the words of Tupac Shakur:

“In this country, a Black man only have like five years we can exhibit maximum strength, and that’s right now while you a teenager, while you still strong, while you still wanna lift weights, while you still wanna shoot back. ‘Cause once you turn 30, it’s like they take the heart and soul out of a man, out of a Black man, in this country. And you don’t wanna fight no more. And if you don’t believe me you can look around, you don’t see no loud mouth 30-year-old motherf*kers.”

The problem we have here is that too many people are living with faith. That’s a good thing to a degree but let’s examine it for what it is. Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. It’s like saying I have faith that a check is coming in the mail on Wednesday even though it won’t be mailed until Thursday. Actions work better than faith.

The DREAM SEEDS may have lost their maximum effort as soldiers but they can fund the cause. They have the resources to help those that are willing to battle the status quo but opt out of it because of fear of perception and faith. The cause now is bigger than just race. It’s sexual orientation. It’s female discrimination. It’s a plethora of issues that need to be addressed. If America is going to be great again it’s going to take great organization and maximum effort from everyone. So let’s hope that the 35 – 55 demographic does their part and makes moves happen instead of talking about things happening.


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