Dream Chasers


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Too many times in life we take the road that’s the easiest. Too many times in life we find ourselves glazing at the obvious because it’s comfortable. Why do we accept it when we should be able to risk it all? Why do we allow ourselves to relish on mediocrity instead of pursuing our dreams?

Life comes at you fast and before you know it, you’re a 42 year old person with only a marginal amount of items on your bucket list crossed off. You had dreams of being wealthy or at least being your own employer but yet you still work for the man and you can’t find the time to get anything you want to get off the ground rolling because you have so much on your plate. 

At what point do you say f*$k it and risk it all? At what point do you step outside of the box and put yourself on center stage to get what you want? Traditionally we live our lives catering to the needs of others. We are servants to their wants and often times we get so caught up in living to make sure things are good, that we quit living. Why would we settle so much and so often?  There comes a time in every mans life when he has to put it all on the line and just jump in the fire with two feet. He has to relish the crossroads and be willing to get burned.

Make no mistake about it, taking that leap isn’t easy. You are going to sacrifice comfort for struggle. You will replace access to denial. You will be relegated to the hustle and all of the leisure time will be non-existent until you reach your goals or quit and return to your comforts if that is still an option.

We all talk about wanting change and making change but how many of us are willing to change to get it? Change isn’t easy. Change takes commitment and awareness of your actions and habits. You’re going to make mistakes along the way but you have to stay the course to have success.

Every since I was small I’ve been chasing dreams, since 16 I’ve been relegated to the scene. Trying to get this cash flow by any means, and roll over anyone who intervenes.



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