The Social Media Conundrum


Social media was developed with the idea of keeping people engaged. It connects people from all walks of life and allows them the opportunity to share their interests as well as learn from what others are doing to empower themselves. Several people have made a living from their exploits on social media. Social media has offered plenty of opportunities to myself and people that I know. Jobs from blogging, sports commentary, to talk shows have been granted as a result of peoples exploits on social media.

There was a time when I might have been hesitant to put as much information out there because of fear of judgement or even fear of infuriating someone close to me. Once you become a public figure you have to accept that everyone wants to grasp more and more of you and they read into every detail. The hardest thing for many of us to deal with is humility. In fact there are people on social media that are just there for the personal gains and inflated egos.

Some of the people who have made it are somewhat condescending. They take pride in bashing others every opportunity that they get. If someone offers them up a compliment, they still find a way to be asinine towards others. Some of them even find something to draw attention to themselves even more while putting the person who was offering up the compliment on blast.

Why not embrace the people who show you the most love? Why not just take the compliment for what it is and thank the person? Why do some of us feel the need to blast every single person who shows up in our mentions? Everyone comes from something. Even if you feel the need to correct something it doesn’t have to be on blast or on display, do it in private. Sometimes its okay to move in silence.


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