Memorial Weekend Hybernation

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The Memorial Day Weekend started with a bang. Who doesn’t like a three day weekend? Aspiring to do things that you wouldn’t normally get to do because you have an extra day to account for free activity is a must. This weekend is big because it marks the beginning of golf season which everyone knows is my passion. It also marks the official opening of swimming pools across the United States. Both are win situations because one brings me solitude and peace while the other brings me visual pleasure.

This year Memorial Day got off to great start. Friday I spent time chopping it up on the cell phone and then when my work day was over I got the car washed and hit the road. Had to arrive at a decent time because Saturday morning was golf. I mean a lot of golf. I headed to the course at 6 am and spent the entire day chasing the little white ball. My round was all over the place but after a great tip I found a way to reel the round back in and finish with a 76.

After the round I headed back to the spot and kicked it. After trying to check in and a few attempts at some rest, I ended up eating at my favorite spot for a chicken burger loaded with bacon and plenty of extras. The burger put me in a state of coma. Literally. As I went back out to play 9 more holes of golf, I was paralyzed and in a state of delusion. Around 6:30 the worst happened. I laid down on the floor to stretch and within 5 minutes I fell asleep. You would think it would have just been a nap, but it turned into a coma. Plans for the rest of the day ruined. After 30 missed calls and 30 missed text messages and 12.5 hours of straight sleep, I woke up and headed to the golf course for more play. The problem was rain ended what could have been a wonderful weekend and a chance at another trophy for the collection. Although my daughter told me to never bring another trophy home that wasn’t 1st place.

A tropical storm hit off the coast of the Carolina’s and brought with it torrential downpours. So guess what I did? I laid back down and got another 3 hours of sleep which is weird for me because I never sleep more than 6 hours at a time. Since Sunday was a wash, I decided that it was time to be productive. After devouring a pancake and some egg whites, I headed back to the bat cave. I did some small maintenance and then hit the gym for some hoops.

If you’ve ever seen me play, you know that my game is feast or famine. I’m either going to kill you with an explosive skill set or you’re going to want me to get off the court and never touch a basketball again. Hey when you’re over 40, that’s what your game looks like. Just ask Kobe Bryant how getting old feels on the basketball court. Some days I ask myself why I play and other days I ask myself why I don’t play more.

I’ve been excited the past few weeks because of the possibilities. I’ve found some solace in my work life and I’ve stumbled onto something that I thought might be the game changer that I’ve been looking for. The problem is the distance between what I want and what I can have is real. While sleep, I missed a phone call that could have been a game changer and apparently I missed a deadline that goes along with it. I guess the old adage of you snooze and you lose is real because it has apparently cost me a few times in my life. Who knew that it would literally cost me a chance at something that I really wanted?


2 thoughts on “Memorial Weekend Hybernation

  1. Ponda June 13, 2016 / 10:42 pm

    Sounds like your body needed the rest…. May I ask what opportunity did you miss out on?

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