Taking Steps But Holding Perspective


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A long time ago man was faced with the conundrum of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Man had to find a formula that allowed them all to correlate and still survive what the world and universe had in store for him.

Things get thrown at us all the time that warrant a reaction. Whether that reaction is good, bad, or just necessary is a large part of what defines us as human beings. In some cases the actions may save a life, and in others it may cost us one. In some cases the actions may cost us our freedom or increase the possibilities of our freedom. The common denominator in all of this madness and decision making is pursuit of happiness. 

When looking at pursuit of happiness, are we chasing a ghost? Are we so caught up with changing what we have and do to make necessary steps to create momentum for another life. I often hear scholars argue that if you aren’t changing or evolving, you aren’t moving in the right direction and the world will leave you behind like a dinosaur in quicksand.

Society expects us to continue to evolve. Does this evolution require us to change ourselves beyond recognition? Does this evolution require us to become something we are not? Many people, including myself, have been chasing perfection or the image of perfection for most of our adult lives. The problem is that image is constantly changing. Times change so views of perfection change.

There was a time when it was taboo to have natural hair, curves, and be an independent woman. Now it’s the norm. Why did society change it’s view? What prompted the change? Is the lady that still gets her hair laid, works out to stay rail thin, and wants a man in her life a social dinosaur? The answers to those questions are mind boggling.

I remember a time when big lips, big butts, and short hair were all taboo. Now they are the norm. Women from all demographics are embracing those things. Why the change? What sent society in that direction? Is it a good thing or is it just temporary?

Regardless of what you are working for the main objective is just to keep perspective. Know that where you come from should never be forgotten. If you ever need to return, you know how to get there and you know how to make it work for you.


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