First Impressions Are Important


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The Question:  How do I make a better first impression with the people I meet?”

Whether at your job or on the town, no matter whom you run into you always want to make the best first impression possible – EVERYONE is judging you by your looks, posture, voice, body language and various other facets right off the bat. It is said that the impression people get from you is determined within the first 10 seconds. This short period of time can become a turning point in your life, so guys let’s get it right!

We will be outlining the top 6 ways we have found to make that great first impression, in no particular order here they are:

  1. Body Language – Like Will Smith said in the movie “Hitch,” 90% if what we say, we say without actually saying it. The key to making a good first impression is body language. What does this mean? It means when you walk up to someone they are seeing how your body is focused on them. Pay attention to their moves. A person’s reaction to the way you move can tell you a lot about their intentions with you. I’ve had people tell me they can pick me out of a crowd simply by the way I glide when I walk. Develop something noticeable that is your own. It might even lead to a conversation piece to break the ice.
  2. Tone of Voice – There are two extremes I would stay away from: Don’t sound dull, but please don’t sound like the Sham Wow Guy or Terry Crews in the Old Spice commercials! You always want to speak with proper emphasis and still have enthusiasm. Don’t overdo it though; you can be subtle and sexy at the same time.
  3. Dress – As much as it is a shame, the way you are dressed says EVERYTHING about you in a first impression. Make sure you are adequately dressed for the situation. For instance I went to a local Audi Dealership only a few weeks away from buying a new car, checking to see if they have my model in stock. Upon arriving I was comfortable, wearing nice jeans and a polo shirt. Well because I looked young and wasn’t wearing my suit the salesman scoffed at me and basically undermined the amount of money I had for a car exclaiming “Do you know how much an Audi costs?” I hit him with yeah then I pointed to the $70,000 car that I was driving and he STFU. He didn’t know that it wasn’t mine but my point got across. At first, yes I blamed him for being a bad salesman but really it is my fault for not dressing like someone who can “afford” an Audi. The car looks great in my garage now by the way. But I didn’t buy it from him.
  4. Your Company – If there are a group of five guys and four of them are acting like fools it is very likely females will consider the fifth member a fool as well. Its good to look like you can separate away from the crowd and still be comfortable with yourself. If you are a lion seeking a lioness, you don’t need to have a lot of lions around you.
  5. Sense of Humor – Unless a serious engagement humor is always one of the best Ice breakers. You don’t need to walk up to someone new, ready with a one liner, but be able to retort any sort of wittiness that comes your way and try to initially put a smile on the other persons face. It will help them relate to you and find out you’re actually “a real person” right away! However don’t overdo it. If they thinks you’re funny they will let loose, but if not they will smirk.
  6. Confidence – Over and over you will hear people say “be confident” yeah, easier said than done. However, you have to meet that person today, and you should suck it up for the 5 minutes out of your life and know that you are in charge! You’re the king/queen of your own piece of the world, you know what’s going on and you want everyone to know who you are and why you’re so great. I guarantee if you do this when you meet people they will tell other people how confident you seem.

Well there are your quick 6 steps to making a great first impression. Is there more? Of course there always is more, but take baby steps, start small and eventually you will be able to see where you need to improve if you are able to judge how everyone perceives you. Good luck! Go meet some new people!


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