Healthy and Happy


The Question: “What the ingredients to a healthy relationship?”

A good relationship is like pasta. It doesn’t start off perfect; you have to work towards it. The ingredients are everything, but they have to be mixed and measured perfectly and allowed to marinate over time. The longer the ingredients stick together the better the pasta. This is why leftover pasta is always better than it is the day you cook it. When you add the flame or the heat to the marinated meat, sauce, and pasta it gives off a scent and taste that is second to none.

That being said, both you and your partner need to make the effort to keep the flame of love burning forever. It is sad but true that most couple simply give up after tying the knot or a long relationship with the person they love. A busy lifestyle just makes it impossible for people to spare time for each other. I have come across a majority who don’t even get time to communicate.

If you consider some of the reasons for separation or divorce, you would find them to be pretty trivial. I know a couple of people in relationships that wanted to go their separate ways because they hardly managed to make time for each other and thus their relationship never grew. For people who cannot manage time now, do you think they will ever land up in a better relationship unless they realize their mistakes? The small things in a relationship matter the most and one needs to be careful about them. Remember, relationships grow and change with time and we all need to cope with it.

Here are a few ingredients of a healthy relationship that you must know to help your relationship blossom every year.

  • Open communication is one of important keys to a healthy relationship. If you can’t communicate with your partner, you will never give each other a chance to come closer. Communicating freely helps you understand each other more and strengthens your bond. Communication on a daily basis is a must.
  • Spend quality time with each other whenever possible. Sometimes distance may thwart that opportunity but date them as much as possible when you can. Many couples feel that when they stay together they don’t need to go out to spend more time. You must understand that other than spending time, you also need to spend some sweet moments together. Plan a vacation to your favorite place. Take time out just for the two of you, go on a candle light dinner or go on an adventure trail. This will help pump up your relationship.
  • Age is no barrier for romance. Let romance never end in your relationship. It is good to express your love to your partner even when you are 80. You need to make each other feel special at every stage of life.
  • Add an element of surprise to your relationship. Arrange for a spa visit for the two of you, or a quite dinner at your favorite restaurant. Buy each other a gift and feel your hearts beat as fast as when you first met.
  • Support each other’s dreams. If you watch Power you will see that Ghost loves Angela because she see’s what he can be, not who he is. Have faith in the potentials of your partner and be the strongest person to support it. Respecting each other as individuals lays the foundation for a happy relationship.
  • Trust and space are an integral part of a healthy relationship. You need to have faith in your relationship and in our partner. Giving space is equally important. Caging either of the partners will only give rise to bitterness.

Taking care of these small things in a relationship makes a huge difference and you can create an ever-lasting relationship.


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