15 Best Fried Chicken Spots In the US That I’ve Visited


Photo above is Dames Chicken and Waffles

To know me is to know that I know fried chicken. I’ve probably eaten at over 1000 establishments in my lifetime that serve fried chicken. I’ve eaten fried chicken in 47 of the 50 states and I am not one to leave a chicken challenge on the table as I will go to multiple places in a city if there is an argument about who’s fried chicken is the best.

Fried chicken is an art form. To get it right, requires balance and careful attention to detail. One would think that it had to be fried pretty to be good but I’ve learned that looks are only a part of the equation. 

You have to make sure that you get the seasoning of the meat right. The breading and meat have to compliment each other. The flavor of the chicken has to explode in the mouth and leave a watering of the mouth that makes you want to keep biting into the chicken time after time.

Good fried chicken can stand alone. It doesn’t need anything on it. It doesn’t have to be complimented with something to eat with it. It should be good hot or cold. It should be as flavorful the day after as it was the day it was fried. That being said, these are the best fried chicken establishments that I’ve visited.

15. Beasley Fried Chicken and Honey – Raleigh,NC

14. 713 – Houston, TX

13. Pies and Thighs – Brooklyn, NY

12. Justines – Charleston, SC

11. Harolds Chicken Shack – Chicago, IL

10. Degustos – Indianapolis, IN

9. Mama Dips – Chapel Hill, NC

8. Eagle – Cincinnati, OH

7. Max’s Dive Bar – Houston, TX

6. Honey Butter Fried Chicken – Chicago, IL

5. Gus’s – Memphis, TN & Austin, TX

4. Busy Bee – Atlanta, GA

3. Rudy’s Fried Chicken – Dallas, TX

2. Dames Chicken and Waffles – Durham, NC

1. Birch and Barley – Washington D.C.

If you have one to add to the list, list it in the comments section and I will be glad to check it out the next time I’m in the area. Thanks.


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