Missing You


Today is the first day in a long time that I regret what I’ve done to you. You were there for me when I had nothing and you often would appear when I needed something to make me smile. So many times I took you for granted when I should have been looking at the big picture. So many days I didn’t even pay attention to what you were trying to say or when you just wanted to peek out and make an appearance.

When the love is gone it changes things. I miss how you used to unexpectedly show up and just chill with me for a few weeks at a time. I miss how you used to bring joy and happiness to my persona. I loved it when you would photo bomb my selfies or talk me into buying a new shirt or pair of slacks. 

I remember the first time we met. I was trying to understand how you even came in my life. I was filled with joy and happiness from day one. You showed me that good things come from hard work and that love is truly conditional. The first time I cheated on you, you stood right there with me. You fought for me and showed me that love is stronger than a few moments of discontent.

I wish like hell that I would have quit cheating on you though. You didn’t deserve it. All those chips and pizza I consumed really messed up what we had. I’m writing this letter to you in hopes that you will come back and give me another chance. Make that appearance and I promise I will do whatever I can to keep you happy. If it means eating clean 90% of the time, I’m with that.

So Six Pack Abs if you’re reading this… Know that I love you, I miss you, and I’m sorry for the way I treated you. Come back home. You’re needed.

– Love Joey



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