Bigger Than That


The hardest thing in life to do is to be the bigger person. Some of us are overwhelmingly obtuse and can’t forgive when called upon to do so. Forgiving people or taking the high road is a rare commodity in American society today. People hold grudges for things that are petty and immature for extended periods of time.

When is it okay to let go of something that has you feeling some kind of way? How long is long enough to allow something to fester inside of you? I’ve taken the high road a lot in my lifetime. I learned that letting go is always better than letting “what if” or “hell no” play out in my head for an extended period of time.

People and situations come and go, so why would you allow someone to instill a trait in you that creates unhealthy vibes? Surround yourself with positives and flourish like the butterfly that you are. It’s far better than being the bearer of hate and discontent.



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