What Washington Won’t Tell You About Why Josh Norman Wasn’t on Antonio Brown


I’ve been trying to hold off on posting this but I’ve just watched too many interviews about the greatness of Josh Norman and the Washington Racial Slurs for not putting him on Antonio Brown in the beat down the Racial Slurs took while taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Let me preface this by saying that I love Josh Norman as a player. He is confident and he gets the most out of his ability. We’ve seen him have a lot of success against some premier wide receivers and he holds his own in most instances. That being said, let me also remind you that Antonio Brown isn’t your average cut of the mill wide receiver.

Washington was maligned because they played Bashaud Breeland on Brown. Truth being told, Breeland gave them a much better chance on Brown than Josh Norman could have. Josh Norman can’t run with Antonio Brown. Breeland is faster and far more fluid than Norman and you have to believe the Washington coaching staff knew that as well.

We all saw the video of Norman getting torched in practice by Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon. Let’s keep it real… Garcon and Jackson aren’t on the same level as Antonio Brown. I know there are going to be people who will argue that Norman is a 50 million dollar man and he should have been on Brown regardless.

Put yourself in the position of the Racial Slurs coaching staff and front office and ask yourself do you really want to advertise to the rest of the world that you spent 75 million dollars thinking you were getting an elite race car but you bought a fast sedan. Norman will do well against most of the teams best wide receivers. He should do well against Dez Bryant who is an elite receiver, but he can’t run like Brown and Hopkins run when they are on the field.

If he lines up opposite of Odel  Beckham Jr. and they leave him out there by himself, he’s gonna get toasted. He may have gotten in his head last year, but if you look at the tape, in the second half of that game, Beckham was giving him the business.

The Racial Slurs just refuse to publicly acknowledge that Breeland is their best corner. Antonio Brown would have done what he did on Monday night to any cornerback in the league. Breeland just happen to be the flavor of the week. Sadly it works to their advantage as well, because it keeps his resigning price at a range that they can handle. You also have to know that the rest of the team knows it too or they would have been pushing the coaches to put Norman over there.


One thought on “What Washington Won’t Tell You About Why Josh Norman Wasn’t on Antonio Brown

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