Another Birthday For My Princess


Today I celebrate the love of my life. She came to me in a small package but she’s growing into the young lady I thought she could be. Every year she reminds me more of myself as my DNA becomes stronger inside her. As she continues to grow and develop, I am reminded of how life comes at you fast and that you should always relish the moments you have with those that you love.

Six years ago today I was given the opportunity to be a man, a father, a leader and I accepted it and you with open arms. I’ve never looked back and I don’t ever plan on it. So today I celebrate my daughter, Taylor Joelle Simmons. I love you baby girl. Continue to grow and prosper. My hopes are that one day when you are older this public journal of my thoughts will give you more insight on who your daddy was and that he lived, loved, and gave a lot of himself for others.

As we walk side – by – side in our walk of life, continue to be who you are and continue to prosper. Remember that your daddy loves you.


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