Closing The Gap


The world is getting crazier by the day. Too many people take for granted things that benefit them the most. They don’t capitalize on their rights to vote and they take their education for granted.

Access is extremely hard to come by in most instances. Getting the right to vote and obtaining quality education are not to be take for granted. Americans have fought viciously for the rights to do these things and yet generations of people have taken them for granted.

It’s time that we do whatever it takes to close some of the gaps that we have in society. There is a significant gap in economic conditions in American society. The only way to close that gap is to elect people that provide a platform for education and job advancement. The only way to qualify for that type of advancement is to be educationally prepared to make a difference. So step up and be a part of the solution and stop contributing to the alleged status quo.

In order to close the gap, there’s work to be done. Let’s get out and do it.


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