I just realized yesterday how dependent I had gotten to social media. I was spending at least a total of 2 hours of my time a day scrolling through Instagram, looking at Twitter feeds, or surfing through videos on Snapchat or Facebook.

Then I started thinking, could I be more productive with that time and if I became more productive with that time would it allow me to get more rest or spend more time with my daughter.

Now, let’s say I spent an average of 5 minutes on site every time I checked one of these social media platforms:

35 x 5 minutes = 175 minutes = about 3 hours


Let’s say, on average, I can produce $1,000 in revenue with an hour of my time if I’m working on the right project.

That means I lost $3,000 in revenue in a single day in order to check social media platforms that generated a return of exactly $0 for me. This does not even begin to account for the time I waste click on the link bait I find via Twitter and LinkedIn, or the time it takes to switch tasks and move in and out of a flow state (which is when all of us do our best work).

I’m willing to bet that if you’re reading this, you struggle with a very similar issue. Even if you aren’t tracking the time you spend on social media, you probably suspect that it’s too much. I’m guessing you feel like it’s wasted time, too.

So I am doing myself a favor and deactivating social media for a while. It’s time to make good use of that time and see if I get better at my job, better at real life communication, and better at my time management.



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