A Fans Take On the Quarterback Conundrum In Dallas


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I pride myself on being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. In fact outside of my family, the longest relationship I’ve ever had has been with the Dallas Cowboys. I’ve loved them through thick and thin and there have been several times I’ve wanted to leave but stayed. I’m loyal to a fault and even though I step out on my team from time to time, I always have their back regardless of how I feel about them and how they are playing.

The Dallas Cowboys have a very big decision to make in the next week. The return of Tony Romo is eminent and if you were looking for a return to form, this would have been the best case scenario ever. Except the Cowboys are 5 – 1 without Romo at the helm and Rayne Dakota Prescott is balling at a high level.

Fans want to see more of Dak but the divide between what is wanted and what is needed is fickle to say the least. Cowboys fans are split on their take of Dak Prescott and hopefully the issues surrounding the quarterback conundrum will be resolved sooner rather than later. The Cowboys are stuck to a degree with Tony Romo.

Romo is owed a whopping 24 million next year, 23+ million the next year and another 24+ million the year after. That’s a lot of money to have just resting on the bench. Momentum is tough to come by and when you have it, you don’t want to let it go. Had Dak lost this last game to the Green Bay Packers, folks would have wanted the seamless transition from Dak to Romo to take place. He would have been lauded for getting us to 3 – 2 in the absence of Romo. But Dak not only led the Cowboy s to victory, he was super-efficient and only turned the ball over 3 times (2 fumbles and 1 interception).

Just a note about Rayne Dakota Prescott… In his ENTIRE QB career HS, College and now the NFL, he began as the backup. In every instance, the starter got hurt, he went in, and NEVER gave the job back?! Not the other kids were bad but the kid just doesn’t make a lot of mistakes. In HS as a sophomore he took his team to the state championship game. In College you couldn’t name another Miss St. Player to save your life and he had them Ranked no.1 first time EVER in school history.

I love Tony Romo but there is SPECIAL about this young man. He reminds me a lot of Warren Moon. I hate giving props to kids that early in their career but something about his game management and ability to lead makes me believe he’s going to be a good one. Not sure if he will be great but good enough to win a lot of games and possibly a Super Bowl with down the road.

I give props to him as an athlete but his success runs far beyond that. Props to any kid that graduates in 4 years and earns a Bachelors Degree. However, the one who ALSO EARNS his MASTERS during his eligibility, is the type of kid you want leading your team and making decisions.

The powers that be are going to face some very harsh criticism regardless of which way they move in this decision making process. Dak is the starter for now but the best case scenario is that Romo comes in at some point and plays well. This will give the Cowboys options to get him off the books or move forward with two capable quarterbacks. Dak got the job because if Romo comes in and plays poorly, the Cowboys will get vilified for making the change and losing momentum. Either way, the real winner in this is Prescott. He’s in a great position right now. He has been given the keys to America’s Team. Now drive it young man… Press the pedal to the metal and make things happen.


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