The Day You Realize It’s Time To Let Go


Letting go. It sounds so simple yet it’s super hard for some. I remember when I was younger, I would hold on to things for as long as I could and then realize that it was time to get something new. Getting something new is never the same. Whether it be a blanket, a bike, a car, a pair of jeans, or anything that you hold dear to your heart.

Being a creature of habit makes it hard to let things go. In college I had this pair of purple shorts that I wore to bed every night. I called them Purple Rain’s because well… I’m not sure this is the appropriate place to explain that when I wore them I brought the pain.. But I guess I kinda said it so there it is…

Once I get a routine, it sticks with me. I remember eating Bojangles every day for 2 years. I would pull up to the counter and they already had my food in a box waiting for me at the window. I never even had to order, they would see my car and tell me to pull on around. It was so bad that they even threw me a surprise birthday party one year. 

I guess it’s safe to say that letting things go has always been hard for me when I really love something. As human beings we get attached to things and give them names and places in our hearts or they already have a name and earn a place in our hearts. One of the reasons I’ve never wanted a pet is because I knew that someday I’d have to put it to sleep or it would die and I don’t like letting go of things that I care about.

Whether it was the Huffy bike that I had from age 9 – 16 or my Ford Escort that I had for 10 years the love you have for something simple can bring you all types of grief. The day you learn to let go of things that you care about is when you have reached the pinnacle of growth.

The hardest thing about letting go is that something or someone that you care about will now either be trashed or will become someone else’s property. The first time I saw another kid on my bike I was excited and sad. I was happy the kid had something he’d always wanted but I was sad to see my bike being rode by another person.

I guess that’s a part of growing up and growing older. Eventually we have to let go of things in order to take the next step in our lives. It’s okay though, because you will always have the memories. (unless you develop Alzheimer’s or something)….


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