What’s In a Name


All of my life I’ve struggled with names. I forget peoples names all of the time. Ask me any persons name on television and I can tell you their characters name but I can barely remember their real name unless there is some form of attachment. This flaw that I possess requires me to get really creative to help remember peoples names.

I like to equate things I miss into categories of lowest to highest and the most intimate things in my life get a nickname. The nickname will usually tell me everything I need to know about the situation and the more intimate the nickname, the more the item means to me.

I once dated a chick and I called her baby cakes. You would think that would be an intimate nickname but it was just the opposite. I don’t really care too much about cake so the nickname was basically my way of reminding myself that I didn’t really care about her that much either so it was a good fit.

Other things like cars and bikes were always getting named after something real in my life. I remember a my second bike that I got one Christmas. I called my bike Smokey and people were like why that name. It wasn’t because the bike was fast. In fact it was Smokey because at the time my favorite food was smoked ham and I loved that bike as much as I loved smoked ham. Corny, maybe… But its real.

My first car was named Pamela. Everyone knew about my obsession with Pam Grier so nobody ever questioned that. Ironically my car now is called Angie. That’s short for Angela. My car is old but sexy just like Angela Bassett. Maybe I’m doing too much, and maybe I’m not but I keep things around me close with names that help me categorize my feelings.

I don’t know any of my immediate neighbors names. They all have nicknames based on my opinions of them and their endeavors. I hope that I don’t ever call any of them by their nicknames unintentionally because it might end badly for one of us.

I know I need to do better….



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