Sometimes in life, all you want to do is be appreciated. Whether it’s work, in a relationship, or just among friends you want to be appreciated for your contributions to the situation or group. I’m old school and I make sure that I take care of the people who mean a lot to me.

It’s really hard for expectations to be met all of the time. People are so different that we often think that people think like we do. We very rarely step back and look at what a person is going through or why they made the choices they made and we’re usually pretty quick to judge them based on what we see without looking at the circumstances.

People get spoiled by patterns and when things drift off the norm we wonder if we’re the reason things went the way they did or we’re quick to point out what “we believe” to be the cause. Too many times in my life I’ve been that person who was quick to point out reasons to pass judgement and never really accepted my responsibility in the entire process. There are simply some people out there who can never be satisfied with what you are offering and when they are, they will never let you know that they appreciate you until you’re no longer in their good graces. They get caught up in the mind games of who did what to whom and forget about the things they should be appreciative of.

The mind is a strange instrument and it will paint whatever picture you need to see to put you at ease or validate your actions. It will have you scrolling through a loved one’s social media with a fine tooth comb or it will have you looking for anything you can find in a persons phone or tablet for confirmation of your beliefs.

The same ideology applies on the job. When you work really hard, you want to be acknowledged for your effort. It takes effort and energy to be good at something consistently. More times than not, when you hear something about job performance it is usually something negative. It usually centers around something that you missed or didn’t do. However, when you do get that proverbial pat on the back, it makes you feel worthwhile.

I recently got some real consideration for some of my work. I have been offered two jobs out of state that would be game changers for me. I am appreciative of the offers but my main focus at this point is making sure I can spend as much time as possible with my daughter.

Strangely, I never felt that way about anything or anyone before now. I think that in two years, I’ll be ready to make a major move in the work world because by then, my daughter will be able to travel and I can still spend quality time with her. Hat’s off to the people who put their families aside to make power moves in the industries that they love. I’m just not there yet.


2 thoughts on “Appreciated…

  1. iamsunnyd November 3, 2016 / 12:51 pm

    As I read this I thought about a conversation I had with a friend when we were trying to mend our relationship. So know this spoke to me on very different levels.

    Congrats, on the job offers and I’m glad you put your family in that equation and thought about it. You know?

    • Joe Simmons November 3, 2016 / 1:06 pm

      Thanks for checking it out. We’re all guilty and it’s really hard to rationalize our actions because our emotions get in the way. I am appreciative of the opportunities I have but I love my little munchkin. In a year or so, She’ll be ready for me to do other things. She needs me now.

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