In life there are things that I do not and will never completely understand. People need to back up things they say but for some reason they don’t like to reveal their sources. It’s like turning to ESPN and listening to someone say Chris Broussard is guaranteeing that Player X is going to blah blah blah according to an anonymous source. Nobody believes anything from anonymous sources. Because everyone knows the anonymous source is in your head.

If I ever come to you with something that is life changing, or life altering and I tell you not mention my name or tell anyone about it, it’s probably a fabrication. Otherwise put my name on it. If I wanted to stay out of it, I wouldn’t have given you the information in the first place. If the source is someone that you don’t really know, then why are you protecting them? List them sources to make your argument valid.

In history and English classes citing sources gives credibility. The teachers in those classes refuse to take a paper without a works cited page. Don’t be that person who writes, creates, and takes from other people. Cite those sources. Make your work credible.


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