Sometimes the simplest things in life are always missed. Too many times in our lives we don’t take the right path or do what’s right. Too many times we take the easy way out. It’s like growing up watching Different Strokes when Arnold was getting bullied by the Gooch and nobody ever really came to his defense.

As a people we decide what’s acceptable and what we will tolerate by our actions. As Chanda Little put it best when giving us an example. Let’s say we planned to meet at the corner store and walk to class together every day.  While we are on our way to class, a bully and his friends approach us and begin to harass your best friend’s sister because of her gender, race or the neighborhood she’s from. The altercation gets really aggressive and  he threatens her  and you watch it all unfold and choose to walk on to class and leave her to defend herself alone against this bully and his friends.

I’m sure you say that you’d never do that, but in so many ways we do. We get foolish responses like:

“I had to get to class because… or It wasn’t my fight…”

You might not see the harm in walking the other way but think about the implications it placed on her.  Perhaps you don’t understand her pain and the pain of many women and minorities across America. Most of them aren’t “sad” because their candidate lost, but are deeply saddened that this election showed us the state of our country. Look at all of the hate that has reared its head in America since the election. There has been a bunch of bold statements and resentment passed from those who now feel as if they can come forward and say what they want to say about their candidate.

Hate groups who used to hide their thoughts or even hide behind masks are now feeling as if they can say what they want when they want and even march through the streets without their hoods because it’s okay for them to show who they really are because they have a person in charge who is allegedly like them.

Looking back, I’ve heard lots of people charging this one up to the game. I’ve even heard people I respect say things that have now driven me away from them as friends and colleagues due to their beliefs about women and minorities. If this election showed me anything, it’s that people will eventually tell you who they really are. What’s said and done in the dark will always come to the light. America is finding this out quickly.

I’m not bashing our newly elected president. He may actually do a really good job. I’m not bashing the system. I’m bashing the people who thought it was okay to choose based on hate. That’s what I get out of all of this.


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