Is There A Such Thing As An Ugly Person


The title says it all. I’ve seen dudes that women will call hideous one minute and the next minute they are all over him. I’ve also heard stories where women would start desiring a man who previously wanted them, and after years of curving him, she would give him a chance because he found some woman and she looked happy.

Women and men are creatures of habit. A guy can post a million selfies on social media and all it takes is that one that shows his potential and some women  are all over it. Maybe he’s built well, maybe it’s his beard, his chest, or on that day the sun hit his face perfectly and the bond is built. 

It’s not just men either. Women do it too. I see chicks who take that perfect picture one night and they keep it as their avi for years even if it doesn’t really depict who they are on a daily basis. They just want you to know what their potential is.

Needless to say, there’s someone out there for everyone. That good selfie might just get you noticed. Your personality might keep you in the picture. If you can handle your business like a real man it will keep you kept.



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