Hump Day Workout – Back and Biceps


Today the workout was brutal. I started it off with a run and ended it with a brutal back and biceps workout. Back is my favorite workout. People neglect the back, but it’s the cornerstone for the body and getting yourself the perfect V Cut. A strong back helps when you’re trying to build a strong core and a strong chest.

1. Lat Pull-downs

One of my favorite moves. Don’t swing when you are doing them. Keep your posture good. On each set mix it up. On the first set take it behind the neck. The second set take it to the chest. The third set squeeze it at the bottom behind the neck. The fourth set double pump it at the bottom taking it to the chest. On the final set, alternate front and back. 5 sets of 12

2. Pull-Up

Probably one of the toughest workouts to do. If you need a pull up spot try resistance bands or use the pull-up machine that will assist you. Try and do 5 sets of 10.

3. Bent-Over Dumbbell Row

These are going to give you great results on the back. Dumbells are great because they help give you that stretch and full range of motion that a bar can’t give you. Pull the weight up to your pocket and then let it down slowly. 5 sets of 8 each arm

4. Low-Cable Row

I love any cable exercises. You don’t realize it, but cables are great because they keep constant tension on your body when you are using them. There’s never any real rest. They are great warming up the muscle as well. 5 sets of 10

5. Rope Straight-Arm Pull down

I love using the ropes because I feel like the range of motion is great. It’s always good to get the full range of motion but it’s also good to be able to add a little wrist action at the end. 4 sets of 15

6. Low Pull

When doing the low pulls, pull the rope low toward your hips. Keep your chest high and your chin up. If you start to bend forward, you end up using your chest and triceps to push rather than pull. 4 sets of 10

7. Barbell Biceps Curl

To do 21s, start off with 7 full reps. Then, do 7 reps from the top to the midway point, and finish with 7 reps that go from the bottom to the midway point.

8. Dumbbell Spider Curl

By now you’re probably starting to get really fatigued. Keep going. Make every rep count. 4 sets to fatigue.

9. Alternating Dumbbell Biceps Curl

“Run the rack” means you’ll start with a heavy pair of dumbbells, do as many reps as you can with them, then grab the next lightest pair and do as many reps with that weight as you can. Keep going lighter. Essentially, it’s a dropset, but you’re doing multiple drops. Take each set to failure.”

Recover, Recover, Recover!

After you’re done training, make sure you make time for recovery. You come into the gym and break your muscles down, but then you have to go home and recover with sleep, nutrition, and supplementation. Get your BCAAs, protein, and carbs. It’s in the recovery process that you grow, not in the gym. If you don’t make time to rest, then you’ll eventually break down muscle.


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