Leg Day; Building Your Base


Leg day is probably the most underutilized day in the weight room. Until recently, it’s been fairly taboo to work legs in the lab. You see lots of women now utilizing the squat bar as they try to shape their lower half into something mesmerizing. Most men don’t realize that building their lower half will help them down the road.

Squatting helps with testosterone levels as men get older and when you’re younger, it only adds fuel to the fire. A strong lower body also cements the base and allows you to focus more on your core than usual.

Working the lower body allows you to incorporate more plyometric exercises to your weightlifting routine. Use anything that you can think of that helps the hips and the legs and it can almost be related to a plyometric drill that you did as a child or if you participated on a sports team growing up.

The workout:

1._Bulgarian Squats (4 x 10 each leg)

2. Pistols (4 x 7 each leg)

3. Box Jumps (4 x 10)

4. Hamstring bends (4 x 7 each leg)

5. Parallel Squats (4 x 10)

6. Dead Lift (4 x 5)

7. Hamstring Curls (4 x 10)

8. Leg Extensions (4 x 10)

9. Abductions (3 x 15)

10. Adductions (3 x 15)

11. Leg Press (4 x 15)


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