Why Alabama Is Different When It Comes To College Football

When you look at The University of Alabama football, it almost always looks like they stay ahead of the curve.  Taking old coaches and scrubbing them clean while rehabilitating them for future head coaching positions is the cornerstone for Nick Saban.

Nick Saban is always 5 steps in front of everyone else. Saban is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. While the NCAA and most universities play amateur sports, Saban understands that this is big business. Alabama wins because they have the best business model. They invest, they work to their own standard, they’re audacious, hold themselves accountable AND they don’t care what you think about them. Four National Championships in seven years and the favorite to win the 5th in eight years in January.

Alabama is at peak 5-star. Unless you have played football at a high level or seen it up close from field level, television does not give an accurate view of just how physically superior the Crimson Tide is to other teams across the board.

Only a handful of programs even in the conversation.

Most college teams have majority of players who look like athletic college kids. Yes, bigger and more physical than the average good athlete. But still look like the young men they are. Bama players deep into the depth chart look like 27-year-old NFL players.

It is striking when you see it side-by-side up close.

Put all that stockpiled physical ability with great coaching and attention to detail and you get a program that is extremely hard to beat.

When I watch them, I see much more than great athletes (although that matters). Bama guys don’t miss tackles. First guy makes the stop. Pad level and leverage almost always on point. Angles usually on point. Rarely make mental mistakes. All of this adds up to hundreds of yards in field position over course of season.


2 thoughts on “Why Alabama Is Different When It Comes To College Football

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