Misconception of The Millennials

Young people man and woman using technology gadget

Many of us have felt the wrath of what too much information can do to sensory overload. Some of the people I know and care deeply for are obsessed with confirmation of what they have and what they do. The old adage of too much information or not broadcasting everything doesn’t really exist in today’s society.

I myself have learned the ways of the millennial and use it to my advantage when perusing possible work or exclusive offers. However I refuse to fall victim to broadcasting things that will limit my opportunities and future earning potential. Therefore I never swear or use things that can be connected to hurt my chances of future employment on social media.

Being a member of Generation X we borrowed the idea of being free spirited from the Baby Boomers who preceded us but we also learned that the best way to keep people out of your business is not to discuss your business. As the late great Christopher Wallace (Notorious B.I.G.) once said: “Real bad boys move in silence.”

Millennials on the other hand are surfaced with a conundrum. They don’t need television or radio for that matter. They aren’t social dinosaurs like myself. They utilize apps and media to prove their point. The problem they face is that they divulge so much information that it’s easy to connect the dots for information and identity theft.

Millennials love to play the games that offer up information that can get people any password they want. From the 15 things about yourself game that you see on Facebook, to the Question and Answer sessions on Twitter and Instagram. In an effort to get millennials to continue using social media exclusively other apps have gained popularity. Snapchat was supposed to offer privacy until it became known that all those snaps are stored in a database and can be used by Snapchat at any time at their discretion per the agreement to use the app.

So before you post that half naked picture or that comment that may be racial in nature, think about the consequences of your actions. Before you fall victim of the need to pressure someone into posting something that they don’t feel comfortable doing or even possibly posting something that one would consider bullying, make sure you check yourself before you wreck yourself.



3 thoughts on “Misconception of The Millennials

    • Joe Simmons January 6, 2017 / 12:03 pm

      Thanks. I appreciate you stopping in.

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