Turn Me Back To The Old Me

Have you ever been in a great mood and wanted to share a moment with someone and they do something that just ruins your mood? Whether it be to belittle something you think is important or throw shade on a gesture that you made, they find a way to change your mood instantly.

That moment when you’re fired up. You’ve just got some spectacular news (in your eyes anyway) and you want to share it. You tell them and they just dismiss it. You go from hype to Florida Evans. (DAMN, DAMN, DAMN)…. It often makes you wonder why you share anything.

It seems to happen to me a lot lately. Maybe I’m overreacting or maybe the people that I associate with on a daily basis are so different from me that they don’t really understand or care to understand why I do certain things.

I’ve been the type to keep things to myself more than I should because I don’t like anyone to rain on my parade. Lately I’ve opened up and my parade has been rained out quite a bit. So maybe it’s time to change things up and go back to the old me. Just a thought.


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