Respect Goes A Long Way


Today in my inbox I noticed there were lots of questions about women. Some about what to do when …. happens or what not to do in this situation. So today I decided to write about what women actually want, or I should say what I think women want from their man or significant other.

Contrary to popular belief, women are pretty simple when it comes to their wants and needs. The whole men are from Mars, women are from Venus thing is more fiction than fact. It is no secret that women operate on different wavelengths than men. Most men think women want expensive diamond rings and a man with a lot of money, but I can tell you from experience that may sometimes be the case (if she’s in it for the wrong reasons) but most women are looking for other things when it comes to a relationship (if she’s a real one). Women are complex creatures, but when you break it down on what they truly want in a relationship, the list becomes a bit simpler than many expect.

1. Respect is the most important thing that a woman looks for in a relationship. Respect must be given to her friends, opinions, interests, bodies, and minds. You don’t have to agree with everything she says or does, but respecting and honoring their opinions is the most important aspect of showing respect in a relationship. Be honest, fair, considerate, and kind.

2. Believe it or not, but women love sex. All aspects in the bedroom are much appreciated by women and not just the finish. Massages, cuddling, and touching are also things that women appreciate and love in a relationship. There is no such thing as too many back rubs. But remember to dominate her whenever possible. Let her know you are her man king and that will keep things moving nicely in other areas.

3. Instead of the normal take out food with a movie at home, try having a nice candlelit dinner. Having date nights, making out in a car, and other things you did when you first starting going out can be more romantic than you expect, even after she becomes your wife. The things that made you fall in love with her don’t have to stop because there are chores to do or bills to pay.

4. Making sure she is number one in your life is very important. Putting aside time to spend with her and show that love is the number one priority can really show that you truly love her. Our lives are busy. Sometimes you have to put life on hold to have a love life. Sometimes throughout the day send her a text message to let her know you are thinking about her or surprise her with a lunch delivery to her job. Tucking her in at night, rubbing her feet, giving her a gentle massage, and a subtle kiss on the forehead are all good ways of showing her she is number one in your life.

5. Greeting her at the door after a long day at work or out with the kids can show her you’ve been thinking about her all day. Even if you aren’t a master chef or can’t even boil water, you can put together something or heat up a frozen meal and show her you were waiting all day for her to come home.

If you can pull these things off, I guarantee you she isn’t going anywhere. Besides knowing what women want and think is a power reserved for the few. You wouldn’t want to be burdened by it.


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