Body Goals and Changing Routine

This week I set out to make a difference in the way I look. I’ve been health conscious most of my life but I’ve had years that I’ve let myself go. The most stressful years were when I’ve either changed jobs or had a child on the way. Some people are stress eaters, but I don’t think that I am. In fact, when I get stressed, I work out or try to relieve stress in a physical manner.

When I look at my progress, the correlation of me gaining and losing weight is usually connected to my personal life. More specifically my sex life. When your sex life is good, the late night snacking and over eating don’t happen because you want to be able to perform at a high level. You don’t eat a big meal before you go out and run a few miles or play hoops so if you’re going to perform at a high level you need to be light on your feet.

I can usually tell how a date is going to end based on how much the person I am with eats during the date. If they are going hard and eating like its the last supper, then I know I might as well eat too because there’s no way she’s gonna feel sexy after eating all that food.

But back to the point of this post. The past 3 weeks I’ve been working on changing my body. I’ve done everything that I can to move the needle on my weight and my body fat percentages. I eat cleaner and I increased my cardio so that I can burn more calories. I also lift with more repetition and include core exercises between sets to keep the lifting segment more cardiovascular than just pumping iron.

The results of just few weeks are great. I’ve gone from 238 lbs to 219 lbs in three weeks time. My body fat has gone from 24.3% to 19.1% The ultimate goal is around 11% by April and 9% by the time summer rolls around with a weight of about 200 lbs. Staying the course is going to be important. Hopefully I can find these results with my current plan. I’ve removed all of the distractions in my life whether by choice or by force (they removed themselves) and now it’s all about reaching my goals. I had my best results when I was focusing on me. When that focus shifted, so did my results.


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