How to Fix The Pro Bowl


After watching the Pro Bowl last night it was apparent that the younger players were far more vested in playing than the older guys. Rightfully so as the older guys are nearing the end of their careers and they know that an injury would derail the end of their careers. This years Pro Bowl at least exerted effort. I loved seeing the defense step up and play hard and offensive players put forth an effort that made it appear more than a 7 on 7 match-up.

Viewing the game I started having a lot of ideas about what would make this game a little more interesting. I like the fact that the players are elected by the fans. They do a great job of selecting the people that are most deserving. However they may not choose the players that would be the best fit for the game.

Here’s how I would fix it:

  1. Change the game to the day before the Super Bowl. It makes for a better hype and you will have a ton of people already in the city ready to go and watch it.
  2. Change the format of the game. Make it a true all star game but in a different manner. Make it the NFL Rookies and 2nd year players vs. College All Stars. What better way to evaluate college stars than to have them play against Rookies who contributed in the NFL that year. The age difference isn’t that bad and the quality of play will be fast and furious.
  3. Let NFL coaches and GM’s vote on a 65 man roster for each team for the game. 30 offensive players, 30 defensive players, and 5 special teams players. There are lots of guys that would fit the bill.
  4. Still choose the team including veterans. I liked the idea that Max Kellerman proposed. Make it about the veterans, just have them show up, take pictures, do skill challenges, and let them party like the rock stars that they are.

This would be far more helpful than the combine and coaches would get a chance to see the kids practice at a high level. They would get to see how they approach practice and to see if they can compete at a high level. Of course the top rookies and second year players wouldn’t participate but it would still be entertaining.


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