CIAA Sold Its Soul With Nothing To Show For It


A few times in our lives we get a chance to stand for something great. Whether it be something political, moral, or something that provides self gratification. Sometimes we have to let go of something we love in order for the stance to take on the meaning in which we intended.

The CIAA Tournament is a tournament of pageantry, tradition and celebration. While attending the CIAA Tournament you are guaranteed to find yourself in a good time. Fun ranges from step shows, concert entertainment, to day parties and fish fries within minutes of the basketball action.

The CIAA had an opportunity to take a stand against HB2. North Carolina and the city of Charlotte has been punished by the NCAA, NBA, and other professional sports organizations with tournament play and all star festivities. All of the other conferences have moved their hosting tournaments outside of the state. Even the ACC which boasts the two most storied basketball teams in the nation not named Kentucky and Kansas opted to move it’s tournament play to another venue instead of playing it at the Greensboro Coliseum.

It’s really unclear why the CIAA opted to still have the tournament in the city of Charlotte. Some say it was because of the inability to secure another venue. If that was the case why not just not have the tournament at all? It’s not like they are getting any real revenue from having the tournament. The only people that benefit from the tournament being held are the businesses in Charlotte.

The funny thing about the decision to have it in Charlotte is that most of the people who reside in the city would rather not even have the tournament anyways. Some of the businesses even charged a CIAA gratuity that was automatically added to many customers bills when dining and staying at hotels in the area.

As an HBCU advocate and alumnus of a former CIAA school I’m slightly disappointed that the powers that be are going against the grain on this endeavor. They may be looking to change the event location next year but at what point do you put all other variables to the side and do whats right now.



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