The A – Z Tag


I’ve been in the blog game since 2010 and there are always a lot of different challenges out there for bloggers. Some of them I accept and others I don’t. Well since this one is about me and this blog is about me, I thought I would partake in this one. I was tagged by Body and Mind to do this A – Z descriptive challenge, so I will give it a run.

Here we go:

A – Athletic (been a baller all my life. Sports is a way of life for me)

B – Bold (I love taking chances)

C – Chicken wing connoisseur. 

D – Diligent (I pay close attention to detail in my work)

E – Enigma

F – Father

G – Goofy (I make the corniest jokes and I laugh at them when others don’t)

H – Helper (I do a lot for people who don’t have a lot. It’s almost like I’m a magnet for underprivileged people.)

I – Intelligent

J- Jovial

K – Killer Instinct

L – Loner (I need to let more people in, I just have a hard time doing so)

M – Motivator

N – Narcissistic

O – Organ Donor

P – Political Junkie

Q – Quiet (far to quiet until I get to know you)

R – Rough Around The Edges

S – Sapiosexual

T – Turbulent (I’m not always the easiest person to love)

U – Unique

V – Versatile (not much I can’t do)

W – Weight room Junkie

X – Xerotic (Ashy skin and eczema kill me)

Y – Youthful (I’m old but You can’t tell it until it gets dark)

Z – Zealous

There you have it. I’ve competed the A – Z Challenge. I will now share it with a few bloggers that I follow and you should too..

Eddie Star Blog

The Couch Sports

Little Fears



tle Fears




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