The 10 Best NBA Players In The Post Jordan Era

1. LeBron James
The King is arguably one of the three greatest players to ever play the game. We’ve never seen a man of his size and stature do what he does at a rate that he does it. He’s been able to escape injury most of his career and he is physically unexplainable. Standing 6’8” and weighing about 260 pounds he runs like a gazelle and can jump like a kangaroo. Once he added post play to his resume and brought a title to “The Land” it was impossible to keep him off this list at the top spot.

2. Tim Duncan
Revered by many as the most fundamental basketball player ever, Tim Duncan is holding down the second spot on this list. Duncan has proven himself to be the most complete big man to ever play the game. He’s nearly automatic from 16 feet on in. As many would say there are only three things in life you can count on: Death, Taxes, and Tim Duncan’s bank shot.

3. Kobe Bryant
The son of Jelly Bean Bryant and self-proclaimed Black Mamba is the most lethal assassin since Jordan. Kobe never let up on opponents and when given the opportunity to dismantle his opponents he did it in a way that had never been done since Jordan. Kobe’s game was clearly patterned after Jordan’s and he benefited from running the same offense as Jordan under the great Phil Jackson.

4. Shaquille O’Neal
The most dominant force the NBA has really ever seen. He could run, jump, and leap better than the best. If it weren’t for his inability to coexist with Kobe in the early years, he might have gone down as the winningest center since Bill Russell. Shaq was so dominant they had to change NBA rules to slow him down.

5. Kevin Durant
KD is climbing the list and as his resume continues to improve, he will eventually be in the top 3 on this list. Never has the league had a man who is a legit 7 feet tall with handles and shoots like a guard but can also play with his back to the basket and block shots. One championship under his belt gives him credibility as a top 5 player. Chances are that number will increase by 3 if he continues to play at his current pace.

6. D Wade
Wade could very easily be higher on this list if he was a selfish player. Wade has put winning in front of individual accolades and has often deferred to other players who helped take the burden off of him. Wade is probably the 3rd or 4th best shooting guard in NBA history and is clearly worthy of the 6th spot on this list.

7. Dirk
Dirk is by far the man who revolutionized the game in the NBA. Dirk the first real stretch 4 that the NBA has seen changed the game. Sure there were others who had power forwards that shot the 3 pointer but none did it like Dirk and none could also handle and create the way Dirk could. Father time has slowed him down but even at an old age, he can get you 18 and 8. That says a lot about his game.

8. Kevin Garnett
Pound for pound at the power forward position Garnett led the charge of being able to score without having to run plays for him. Garnett was the anchor of the Celtics teams that consisted of two of the best scorers that ever lived and he still managed to stay relevant while anchoring the back end of the defensive lineup.

9. Steph Curry
Curry is probably the purest shooter the NBA has ever seen. He can do everything you want your point guard to do. Paired with the fact that he is a part of the all-time winning single season team in NBA history and the fact that he has 2 MVPs and 2 NBA titles puts him in the number nine slot.

10. Chris Paul
The only reason Paul isn’t higher on the list is because he hasn’t been able to carry a team deep into the playoffs. Paul is notorious for over achieving and it seems as if his big men are always leading the league in FG %. If Paul would have ever been paired with other elite talent that could have stayed healthy, he would be a top 5 player.


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