The Blatant Disrespect of Emmitt Smith


A few days ago there was a post that featured 4 of the best runners in my lifetime and it said that if you had to choose any one of them to cut in their prime who would it be? The choices were Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, and Bo Jackson. Immediately without thought when I saw it I let Emmitt go. As I stared at the picture more and more, I started to ask myself why? Why Emmitt?

Everyone attributes Emmitt’s success to his offensive line. Upon further review, I decided that maybe before making a rushed decision based on what I remember, maybe I should go watch a little film. I can honestly say that I was in middle and high school when Bo was relevant and I was in elementary school when Walter Payton was relevant. Continue reading


Goodbye Tony Romo


I am that person that hates to see the end of a era. There’s something bittersweet about saying goodbye to the people you grew to love especially in the sports world. The end of an era is coming for a lot of my current sports heroes. In the NBA the classes of 2002 and 2003 are by far my favorite classes. They were loaded with guys that made me enjoy the NBA again. A few guys from years before are still relevant in the NBA but that class is about to reach the point where you start circling the opportunities to see them play the next few years because father time is ready to start calling them to the land of the retired.

The NFL is a different animal all together. Sometimes players have to be moved because they are just too expensive or because the team needs to switch things up. Today I have to let go of my quarterback. Tony Romo has been the centerpiece of my fandom for the Dallas Cowboys for almost 8 years now. Continue reading

30 Years Old; When The NFL Running Back Becomes A Dinosaur


Earlier this week we watched the release of 2 of the greatest running backs of the modern era. Both Jamaal Charles and Adrian Peterson have been staples of NFL running games for the past 7 years. Now Charles, 30, and Peterson, 31, have found themselves in the unemployment line. Considered washed up and used goods. On the exterior they have to feel as if they have lots of life left in their bodies. The reality is that very few runners are productive past their 30th birthday.

Why? The reality is that the wear and tear of a running back is extreme. All it really takes is one max carry season and the next season will be riddled with injuries. There are many that subscribe to the thought that the curse of 370 is just a hoax. I’m here to tell you that the curse of 370 is real. Just ask Demarco Murray, Larry Johnson, Terrell Davis, Jamaal Lewis, Curtis Martin, Earl Campbell, Barry Foster, and Shaun Alexander.  Continue reading

How In The Hell Is Terrell Owens Not A Hall Of Famer


HOLD THE F*&@ UP. How in the world did Terrell Owens not get into the Hall of Fame? This year it should have been a slam dunk. There wasn’t one player inducted into the Hall of Fame this year who had a better resume. Not one. I’m sorry but the way these Hall of Fame Inductions have been going the past few years in Football and Baseball, I’m starting to question the credibility of the people in the room.

This years Hall of Fame class is less than stellar.  Continue reading

Recognizing Greatness


There are only so many chances in life to witness greatness. You aren’t really sure at first if you’re watching it until you can’t stop finding a reason to look. I’ve seen greatness in spells in my lifetime. I saw Muhammad Ali defy the odds, I saw Mike Tyson for 3 years be as unstoppable as a man can be. I remember watching Kareem with the sky hook make the greatest defenders of all time look like mere mortals.

As I’ve gotten older, I can appreciate the great athletes and what they bring to the table. Barry Sanders comes to mind when I think of a person who has done the most with less. Michael Jordan comes to mind when I think of one man who when surrounded by a great cast can put on an epic show that is undeniable. However the latest additions to legendary status in my opinion are Lebron James and Tom Brady. Continue reading

More Than A Coach and A Player; Larry Little Is A Life Changer


I know I am a little prejudiced in my evaluation since he coached me in college, and became one of my best friends, but I have seen enough film and football throughout the years to make my argument. Not to mention that the Hall must agree since he is one of two right guards to be admitted into the Hall of Fame.

The thing is if you ask anyone who played during his era, and trust me I did plenty of times hoping someone who played would give me some ammo to fire back at him at some point, who was the best offensive lineman they played against, his name would come up about 90 percent of the time.

I remember when he would have his annual hall of fame golf tournament to raise money for the university. Guys like Mike Webster, Deacon Jones, Joe Greene, Mercury Morris, and a host of other stars would come out in support of their fellow hall of famer. Continue reading

How to Fix The Pro Bowl


After watching the Pro Bowl last night it was apparent that the younger players were far more vested in playing than the older guys. Rightfully so as the older guys are nearing the end of their careers and they know that an injury would derail the end of their careers. This years Pro Bowl at least exerted effort. I loved seeing the defense step up and play hard and offensive players put forth an effort that made it appear more than a 7 on 7 match-up.

Viewing the game I started having a lot of ideas about what would make this game a little more interesting. I like the fact that the players are elected by the fans. They do a great job of selecting the people that are most deserving. However they may not choose the players that would be the best fit for the game.

Here’s how I would fix it: Continue reading