Forcing Things Never Works Long Term


Life has an amazing way of humbling us. As people on this planet, we often think we control our destiny or in some ways we believe that we can force things into existence. What we should be doing is trying to incorporate things into a plan or vision that we have for ourselves and stop forcing things that we want to see into existence.

Everything from jobs, friendships, and relationships are factored into this equation. Life lessons should be learned from. Models for success are everywhere but the model that you need to work from may not be in play right away. People who are good at what they do are good at it because they know when to take calculated risks. They play chess with their adversaries and make the moves that send them into the position that they want them to play.  Continue reading


Giving Back And Learning


A few weeks ago I did something that I felt I needed to do. You’ve read several stories of my childhood on here and I felt that I needed to speak to the youth of American and let them know that they have choices. I visited a local youth incarceration facility to speak to a few of the kids there. I got the idea this summer from a very special woman who showed me that sharing is caring.  Continue reading

Plans Under Construction


There was a time when life seemed so easy. I knew exactly what I wanted to do in life. There was no need for a plan B because plan A was the mission and I wasn’t going to stop until I reached the finish line. I remember saying that when I die, people would look back at my life and say “wow, that man lived.”

I’ve done a lot and seen a lot in my lifetime. Compared to a lot of people I know and grew up with, I’ve lived the dream already but for some reason I want to do more. I’ve traveled to Europe, Africa, South America, and even Asia. Continue reading

Unconditional Love


I love the way she feels. When I grab her I can feel the smoothness of her outer layer and in many ways I can tell how many hands have been on her and how much they enjoyed it when they touched her. I open her up slowly before going in. Researching each move as I slowly pull her apart. Before I go in, I take a deep breath because I know that she has something to offer that is going to stimulate my mind, body, and soul.

You never know what you’re gonna get unless you’ve already heard about her or someone you know has told you what she’s about. Each day you open her up, you get something different. It can be useful  and sometimes it just leads to something greater than you could have ever expected.  Continue reading

Finding Time For Yourself Before It’s Too Late


Last week was tough for me. I learned that a very good friend of mine had died of a heart attack. The troubling thing was that his family didn’t know he was dead because he paid for them to go to the beach for a weekend trip. They returned after the trip and he was missing. He’s not the type to go missing so they were considerably worried but thought that maybe he may have gone to play golf with the crew as they sometimes do.

Word spread that he was missing and we all posted flyers and posters on social media in hopes that he would be found safely. Finally things were resolved when the coroner and police showed up at his house a few days later and made the family aware that he had a heart attack while driving his car. Apparently he had been sitting there for quite a while before anyone took notice and finally called an ambulance. Unfortunately when he arrived at the hospital he was dead on arrival. They didn’t have a phone number for him and they went to the address that was in his wallet and no one was there because they were all on a trip. They finally came back because they needed to figure out what to do with the body.  Continue reading

The Day You Realize It’s Time To Let Go


Letting go. It sounds so simple yet it’s super hard for some. I remember when I was younger, I would hold on to things for as long as I could and then realize that it was time to get something new. Getting something new is never the same. Whether it be a blanket, a bike, a car, a pair of jeans, or anything that you hold dear to your heart.

Being a creature of habit makes it hard to let things go. In college I had this pair of purple shorts that I wore to bed every night. I called them Purple Rain’s because well… I’m not sure this is the appropriate place to explain that when I wore them I brought the pain.. But I guess I kinda said it so there it is…

Once I get a routine, it sticks with me. I remember eating Bojangles every day for 2 years. I would pull up to the counter and they already had my food in a box waiting for me at the window. I never even had to order, they would see my car and tell me to pull on around. It was so bad that they even threw me a surprise birthday party one year.  Continue reading

Keeping The Things That Matter


Have you ever had something that you wanted more than anything, then you got it and didn’t know how to keep it? Happens to me quite a bit. Not sure how or why I can’t get it right but for some reason it always appears to happen to me. It can be something or someone and I always and I mean always find a way to lose it.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s meant for me to have things I desire. Even when I take care of the things I cherish the most, they always find a way to disappear or become unusable. Why this happens is beyond me but it always appears to be the case. From this point forward, I will hold on a little tighter, give things more care, and appreciate the value of the things I want to keep.

Finding what you want is hard and keeping it is even harder. This past weekend I had a discussion with a friend. We talked about value and self worth. The main focus was that sometimes the things we value most don’t add value to our lives. When things we find things that add value to our lives we need to preserve them and when they don’t add value, we need to let them go or get what we can for them.  Continue reading